The Lakeland Yacht & Country Club can either arrange or has ongoing reciprocal arrangements with many outstanding private clubs in other cities so you have a home away from home for relaxation and business entertainment.

Any member in good standing of the Club is entitled to use of these facilities, subject to rules and regulations. If members of the club know in advance that they are going to use the facilities of one of these clubs, the request of a letter of introduction from the General Manager is appreciated. However, most of the clubs will honor a current membership card. A member may also call for confirmation of standing if the host club so requests.

Charges incurred by an LYCC member in an above reciprocal club will typically be forwarded to the Lakeland Yacht & Country Club’s accounting department for the inclusion in the member’s regular statement. The club, in turn, will reimburse the host club directly. Guest fees for swimming, golf, or tennis are charged to guests from clubs with which the club has reciprocity agreements. In some cases, a reciprocal club might accept commercial credit cards and may require that method of payment.

Reciprocity agreements are to be used by members who are visiting for a short time only in cities where such reciprocity agreements have been established. Conversely, members of the clubs with which the club has formally established reciprocity may use the club’s facilities while visiting for short periods of time.

Reciprocal club agreements are not acceptable to non-resident members living in the same city as the reciprocal club. Likewise, to use facilities, members of reciprocal clubs who live in the area must meet the same criteria as non-resident members.

All questions concerning reciprocity privileges should be referred to the Club’s General Manager.

The Reciprocal Club list for members of the
Lakeland Yacht & Country Club is as follows:

(if utilizing a reciprocal club you must use your credit card)

City Island Yacht Club
City Island, New York

Country Club of Columbus
Columbus, Georgia

Emerald Green Golf & Country Club
Tampa, Florida

Gainesville Golf & Country Club
Gainesville, Florida

Governors Club
Tallahassee, Florida

Winter Haven Country Club
Winter Haven, Florida

Lake Wales Country Club
Lake Wales, Florida

Lauderdale Yacht Club
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Naples Yacht Club
Naples, Florida

Park City Club
Dallas, Texas

Pelican Yacht Club
Ft Pierce, Florida

Sheboygan Yacht Club
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

St. Augustine Yacht Club
St. Augustine, Florida

The Tampa Club
Tampa, Florida

Tampa Yacht & Country Club
Tampa, Florida

University Center Club
Tallahassee, Florida

University Club of Orlando
Orlando, Florida

University Club of Tampa
Tampa, Florida (note: does not accept credit cards)

Yachting Club of America
Access available to clubs all over the continental USA, Hawaii and Puerto Rico
Call the club for more information and a membership card.